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DC Power Supply Industri

The Rectifier is SCR Controlled AC/DC rectifier with input isolation transformer and with automatic constant voltage and constant current ability. It comes with 6 Pulse or 12 Pulse design options depending on user requirements. The advantages of employing 12 pulse rectifier in industrial DC UPS systems are to have lower THDi (<10%) and higher pf at input (>0.9) as well as to secure redudancy since 12 pulse rectifiers are designed with one delta and one star connected transformers, so the unit itself behaves as two redundant rectifiers by its nature. Output current, battery current, boost and float charge voltages are adjustable on the user-friendly control panel. Detailed alarm indicators help you to monitor all alarms from the front panel and monitor auxiliary contacts from the MICID diagram. On LCD panel and failures can be tracked remotely via RS 485/Modbus, Profibus, TCP/IP or SMS/Mail order


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