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PMI Inverter
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PMI Inverter

PMI On-Grid Inverter topology is based on 1 full bridge 2 high Frequency IGBT Inverter Modules (3 full-bridge 6 high frequency IGBT modules for 3 Phase output) using PWM (pulse width modulation) and control logic based on DSP. Monitoring of electrical values and parameter adjustments can be done through Graphical Display and Mimic diagram of the PMI On-Grid Inverter system. EMC filters decrease the radio frequency emissions on the AC network and photovoltaic modules while Full Bridge High Frequency IGBT Inverter Modules convert direct current to alternating current. Isolation of DC Input and AC Output is ensured by galvanic isolation Transormer at the output of the inverter. No load losses of the transformer is avoided by separating the inverter from AC output by contactor while inverter is in “OFF” position. All operations are controlled through Control PCBs and Graphical Display monitors the whole system.

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